The sloppy change command is supporting the Docker Hub syntax for registries (repositories) and image names. You can also pull images from other public registries like Please note that pulling images from privately hosted registries or password protected repositories is not yet supported.

Change environment variables

To change the environment variables of your application, provide the app’s path and append --env or -e as an argument along with the new variable value(s), like this:

Change number of instances

To change the number of instances your application is running on, provide the app’s path and append --instances or -i as an argument along with WHAT EXACTLY, like this:

$ sloppy change [OPTIONS] --instances 3 MyProjectName/MyServiceName/MyAppName
$ sloppy change [OPTIONS] -i 4 MyProjectName/MyServiceName/MyAppName

Change the project

If you want to change multiple settings of a project you can send the changed JSON with sloppy change MYPROJECT MYPROJECT.json:

$ sloppy change wordpress new.json

| will detect all the changes of the new file and will apply them to your running project. Only Apps with changes will be restarted. So if your running project consists of an apache app and a mysql app and there are only changes regarding apache in the new json file, will restart apache only.

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