Once the CLI is properly installed, it’s time to deploy your first sloppy.io project.

To make things easy on you, we provide a simple example project. You can pull its JSON configuration file from GitHub, like this:

git clone https://github.com/sloppyio/oh-hai.git

What you get is an example JSON configuration file called oh-hai.json, that is configuring a simple Dockerized application to be hosted in our Docker hosting cloud.

Now you can use the sloppy start command to deploy your first Docker application.

In order to do so, you need to choose a free *.sloppy.zone subdomain for your app. Just replace my-domain in the --var parameter of the following command with something of your liking. If the domain is already taken you will get noticed; be creative!

sloppy start --var=domain:my-domain.sloppy.zone oh-hai/oh-hai.json

| frontend |      1 |  0 / 1 |      512 MiB |

Now fire up a web browser and open the domain name of your application (e.g. http://MY-DOMAIN.sloppy.zone).

And voilà! You have just built and deployed your first Docker application to our Docker hosting cloud.
| Now you can scale your app by adding more instances or more memory, stop and restart it, change environment variables and check the logs to understand, what’s going on inside of your application’s docker container. You can find all commands in our CLI command reference.

| Also check out our Reference Documentation.

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