In order to deploy the application, you need to generate a new personal access token in our Web UI. When doing so, you'll see instructions for using the token, specifically for OSX / Linux and Windows.

After exporting your token in your environment, execute the sloppy show command to check if you are successfully logged in.

On OSX / Linux

On Unix-based systems, you'll run something like the following command in your terminal:

$  export SLOPPY_APITOKEN=eyJ0eXA...

Note: If you want to save the token for every new session, add it to your .profile  file in your home directory.

On Windows

Open the Console by pressing Windows+X to open the Power Users menu, and then clicking on "Command Prompt" or by opening the Start menu and then searching for "cmd" (more ways to open the Console). Then use set  command as indicated as described in the Web UI.

Note: If you want to save the token permanently for every new session use  setx instead of set. You have to open a new Console after using setx to make the change active.

Go to Step 3 and learn how deploy your first project.

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