The CLI is open source and hosted over on our GitHub, to find the latest release check out the release page and download the binary for your OS and architecture.

Any questions, bugs or suggestions are welcome over on the issue tracker as well!


Make sure to replace your architecture if needed and for convenience place the binary in a location that's on your $PATH.

# curl -Ls -o sloppy
# chmod +x ./sloppy
# ./sloppy version
Sloppy v2.0.0


To make sure, the CLI tool is set up correctly, you should see the following output when entering the command sloppyin your terminal.


usage: sloppy [--version] <command> [<args>] [--help]

Available commands are:
change      Change the configuration of an application on the fly
delete      Delete a project, a service or an application
logs        Fetch the logs of a project, service or app
restart     Restart an app
rollback    Rollback an application
scale       Scale the number of instances in an application
show        Show settings of a project, a service or an application
start       Start a new project on the sloppy service
stats       Display metrics of a running app
version     Prints the sloppy version

You will find the documentation about our CLI here.

Go to Step 2 and learn how to login with your token.

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