If you have been granted access to our Managed Kubernetes Beta, you have received the following information:

  • Public IP (Ingress) to point your domains to
  • config file to use with kubectl

Install kubectl and use the config file

First follow the official documentation to install kubectl. After that save the config file to ~/.kube/config so for example when you are logged in as john place the file to  /home/john/.kube/config . 

Test if anything is correct by running:

kubectl cluster-info

As an alternative you can place the config file wherever you want (i.g. in your current directory) and reference it with --kubeconfig:

kubectl cluster-info --kubeconfig=./config

If everything is ok, you should get some information about your cluster including the link to the kubernetes-dashboard. You can follow this article if you want to check out how to get access to the dashboard or follow this article to deploy an application with kubectl.  

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