The following is for everybody with access to our managed kubernetes beta. Sign up at

While other offerings leave you alone in the dark with their kubernetes offerings, we prepared everything to deploy your first container and make it secure available to the web in seconds.

What is included?

If you have been granted access to our managed kubernets beta you will get the following:

  • A 3 node kubernetes cluster
  • Full access to all kubernetes features
  • Kubernetes Dashboard pre-installed
  • Let's Encrypt (cert-manager) pre-installed
  • haproxy ingress pre-installed with a dedicated public IP

Regarding Let's Encrypt and haproxy ingress please also check this article

Every cluster is a dedicated setup which means you don't share nodes with other customers so there are no mixed container workloads. The same goes for the load balancer (haproxy ingress).

What is not included (yet)?

  • A general dashboard to add/delete/manage worker nodes
  • User Management
  • Monitoring Features
  • Backup Features


  • You can not expose apps via NodePort. Worker ports are secured from outside access.  
  • You can not make use of the object LoadBalancer
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