The Web UI is fully functional and lets you create and organize projects in your browser.

How it works

Quick Access

By clicking on "Login" in the top menu of or directly entering in your browser address field you can reach the Web UI on any device.

Manage Account

Once logged in, you can click on the welcome message to the top right to access your account options. CLI Tokens and Private Registries are covered elsewhere.

The expanded menu of account management.

"My Account" lets you change your personal information and read the "Data Processing Agreement" according to the GDPR. If you require to change your email address, please contact us directly as it is used to create your unique id across the system.

Under "Subscription", you can change your current plan and either upgrade to a larger one or downgrade to a smaller. Before you downgrade, please make sure that none of the features not featured in the smaller plan are active and the maximum quota for RAM and storage is in accordance with the smaller plan.

"Billing" shows you how much you're currently spending on services from on a monthly basis, like plans, additional resources, and/or Agile. You can also download invoices in PDF format. If you're a business customer and need to change your invoice address (for example, to add a reference number), please contact our staff.

Create Projects

To deploy your apps, you first need to create a project that contains them, organized in services. Click on the Dashboard and select "Create a New Project" The Web UI guides you in this process from start to finish. Examples for this can be found in the Tutorials section of our Knowledge Base. If you have already described your project in JSON, you can import the project data to immediately deploy from it.


We have set up Docker solutions for several popular Open Source products, selectable for immediate deployment on the bottom of the Dashboard. You can alter the settings and re-deploy anytime. If you think this list needs expanding, feel free to suggest new clickstarters to our staff or collaborate on clickstarters on GitHub.

Maintain and Monitor Apps

Upon creating your first project, you can check its status by clicking "Details" on the project entry in your Dashboard. Next to the individual apps of the project, you find tools to edit their settings and manage the app in order to Maintain and Monitor it. All features related to these topics are described in our Knowledge Base.

Maintain and Monitor your apps by clicking "Manage".

Feature Details

Category: Compose
Hosting Plan: Basic, Professional, Business

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