When setting up Basic Authentication for your web app, you need a password hash for your chosen password. For that you can use the command line tool from the OpenSSL package (it's installed on many operating systems by default). Enter the following command in your shell, then type in your password twice.

openssl passwd -1 

If there is no OpenSSL available on your system, you can run it from a Docker container instead:

docker run -it frapsoft/openssl passwd -1

When using JSON, you may need to escape dollar characters, since sloppy.io uses these for variable interpolation. Make sure that you escape the dollar sign with a double backslash. E.g. transform $1$000000$qNWrOu23wl6m4CxfO33Qn. to \\$1\\$000000\\$qNWrOu23wl6m4CxfO33Qn.

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