When we started our public offer in 2014 our goal was to make it as easy as possible to try out sloppy.io. Sadly, when Docker and sloppy.io gained more and more attention, bad guys showed up and started to abuse our platform. We implemented several methods like blocking providers of disposable email addresses, but it was always just a temporary solution.

We avoided asking for a payment method, because we knew that users would have regarded it with suspicion, which in turn would have decreased the number of sign ups, but after several mass fake account creations we decided that we'd rather spend the time working on our platform and supporting our customers than spending it on tracking abusers.

Therefore, we now ask trial users for a payment method, just to make sure you come in peace :) We will not charge you during the trial - only when you upgrade to a hosting plan. We will also not charge you after the trial in case you don't upgrade. You can cancel your account anytime and we will delete all information of your account after some weeks to give you the chance to come back and resume your projects.

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