Imagine pushing your code and immediately receiving a domain with the current version of your app. After acceptance by QA or your customer, a single click is enough to make your version go live. This and a lot more can be achieved with “ Agile”. enjoys increasing popularity and is already an integral part in the DevOps chain of many companies. Again and again, we are receiving requests about other components in this cycle, though.


“Where can I push my code?”

“It would be nice if offered me my own container registry.”

“How about CI/CD?”

  • To mention only a few requests. While already works well on the Ops part, there’s call for action on behalf of our customers - also regarding our survey in December - to work on the Dev part. That’s how the idea of “ Agile” was born. Agile” is a pre-configured GitLab instance that allows you to fully automatedly create containers after a code update (git push), to run tests, to push the new image into the integrated Docker registry, and afterwards deploy it to Agile” lets you start an automated deployment with every new git branch, creating a test URL that enables reviewing of the app. Upon deleting the git branch, the associated app on is also deleted - again, fully automatedly! This saves you a lot of time that you can spend in the development of your product, instead.

Besides the auto DevOps features, GitLab offers a variety of other useful functions, like the Issue Board:

and a lot more: 

With “ Agile” you get the complete DevOps package from a single source and at the same time you fulfill important components of the new  EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), because “ Agile” also applies: Made and Hosted in Germany. 

The total packe of “ Agile”:


Test “ Agile” for 1 month free of charge. Register under the following link and
we’ll contact you providing you with your login data and you’ll be ready to go.

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